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Argentina Girls Photo

Argentina increased wealth and importance between 1880 and 1929 and has emerged as one of the ten richest countries in the world, benefit from an agricultural export-led economy, but also British and French investments. Driven by immigration and mortality reduction in the population of Argentina grew five times and the economy.

Argentina Beautiful Girls Photo

Argentina celebrates its bicentennial in 2010, rejoicing in the 200 years of independence from Spain. Expect several museums and restored buildings, including the famous Teatro Colon popular tours closed for more than two years during the facelift to visit.

Argentina Beautiful Girls Photo

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The Argentines are known for their love of food. Social gatherings are usually aimed at sharing a meal. In fact, inviting people to eat at home mostly seen as a symbol of friendship, warmth, and integration. In addition, family reunions are usually an opportunity to Sunday roast or pasta.

Argentina Beautiful Girls Photo

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Never forget that night, the second night in Buenos Aires. The waiters brought Chateaubriand wrapped in herbs and beautifully presented in light of our approval before being cooked. In unison, they nodded and smiled at five or six people.

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